plastic tax empty bottles

German Plastic Tax: A Step Towards Environmental Sustainability

In alignment with global efforts to reduce plastic pollution and promote environmental sustainability, Germany has recently joined the countries implementing a plastic tax. Following the footsteps of Spain and UK, Germany introduced its plastic tax through the “Single-Use Plastic Fund Act” of May 11, 2023, (EWKFondsG in German) for short. Having taken effect on January…

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irish drs system photo of crashed cans

Challenges and Motivations of the Irish DRS

Ireland has recently introduced its Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), as part of its commitment to enhance the recycling efforts of the country. A survey conducted by Every Can Counts sheds light on consumer perceptions of the system and the challenges faced with this new initiative. While exploring the statistics of this survey, we hereby compare…

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EU Plastics Recycling Rate

EU Plastics Recycling Growth Rate Takes a Dive

The latest figures of PRE’s report reveal that Europe’s plastics recycling capacity reached 12.5 million tonnes in 2022, marking a significant milestone in EU’s commitment to sustainability. However, the recycling growth rate of plastics took a relative dive, dropping year-on-year due to market disruptions and raising concerns about the future of the plastics recycling industry.…

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photo for plastic waste export, showing shipping containers

RECOUP: Rethinking UK’s Plastic Waste Exports Ban

In recent years, the issue of plastic waste exports has gained increasing attention, creating the demand for a re-evaluation of policies surrounding the export of plastic waste to non-Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (non-OECD) countries. Plastic recycling charity RECOUP has presented compelling arguments against a sudden ban on such exports, highlighting the need for…

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reuse system photo two hand holding cup

Reuse Systems: 5 Key Ingredients by Hubbub

Hubbub has recently released a comprehensive report that details the outcomes and insights gained from six reuse system projects, funded by the Bring It Back Fund. These projects explored diverse approaches, from reuse tracking software to loyalty programs and doorstep packaging collection, and Hubbub reveals the key ingredients of their successful approaches.   The Bring…

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ICP-OES instrument in use

ICP-OES: Our Newest Upgrade

We are excited to announce the deployment of a new Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) instrument from Agilent Technologies, which will actively contribute our team’s endeavor to offer high-quality analysis services to all our customers.     ICP instruments allow the reliable and accurate measurement of metals in liquid or solid products (such…

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cover photo for article challenges of European plastic producers

Plastics Europe: Challenges for European Plastic Producers

According to a recent report, Plastics Europe has shared some interesting facts about recyclability and circularity of plastics in both European and global scale. More specifically, the production growth of circular plastics worldwide is studied and also the challenges that European plastic producers face, as well as the consequences these might have on the future…

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reusable cups for migration testing

Food Migration Testing in Reusable Packaging

During the last few years, there has been a significant change in the use of packaging products, as more individuals and businesses start replacing conventional products with reusable ones. With the finalization of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) on the way, we are examining a successful example of the reusable packaging movement in…

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plastic bottles being manufactured

EU Commission Decision on Plastic Bottles

A new EU Implementing Decision for the application of Directive (EC) 2019/904, regarding single-use plastic bottles, has been announced. This Decision introduces important notes on plastic bottles which consist of recycled plastic deriving from countries outside of Europe, along with new definitions for the recycling of plastics.   EU Commission Implementing Decision for Plastic Bottles…

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photo of hands with hand with plastic pa/pe earth

New Research on Recyclability of PA/PE films

Despite several studies on PA/PE films, recycling guidelines of various organizations still classify polyamide (PA)-containing packaging as non-recyclable. The independent institute “Cyclos-HTP”, along with “BASF”, have conducted further extensive research into recyclability of multilayer films that contain polyamide 6 (PA6) and ethyl vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer, with promising results in a standard polyethylene (PE) stream.…

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recycled plastic centre sorting

$100 Billion Investment for Recycled Plastics Demand By 2030

Due to the on-growing demand for recycled plastics, along with the ever-changing legislations for recyclability and increasingly bold commitments of large brand names, the development of chemical recycling is bound to greatly increase in the next few years. However, for that to actually happen, future investments will have to be made across the whole plastics…

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