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Regulatory services

Νομικά Θέματα

European legislation for food contact materials is complicated and requires a considerable amount of time to apply. According to the frame regulation 1935/2004/EC, regarding materials that come in contact with foodstuff, certain documentation needs to be shared among the members of the supply chain. When this process is not properly handled, it can cause false or misleading results and can even deceive producers and users.

Our experienced team is ready to serve the above needs of the legislation and those set by accreditation bodies. In this way, we ensure the safety of the consumer and an optimized quality of the final products.

Added to the above, a well-organized system built with expertise and knowledge, predicts mistakes and omissions, which may cause issues and delays or even lead to product recall.

Legal affairs’ team targets are:

  • Database design of declaration of compliance and other legal documentation
  • Constant follow up of documentation for new and current products
  • Analysis and testing of packaging materials
  • Preparation of the company for audits
  • Training of personnel on legal matters
  • Smooth collaboration with the rest of the supply chain to ensure a steady and Continuous documentation system according to legislation and partners