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Technical analysis

Technical analysis

Analysis of the technical characteristics of flexible packaging saves time to the production process, by avoiding unnecessary and time-consuming trials on the machine. Its main role is to predict the behavior of the packaging material on the machine and provide guidelines to the operators.

Technical analysis is also applied for troubleshooting and specifies the quality of the final packaging material.

Our laboratory focuses on packaging testing and performs the below test methods to flexible packaging material and final packages.

Bond strength (ASTM F904)
Tensile testing (ASTM D882)
Tearing resistance (ASTM D1938)
Seal strength testing (ASTM F88)
Coefficient of Friction testing (CoF) (ASTM D1894)
Dart drop resistance (ASTM D1709)
Blocking force (ASTM D3354)
Gloss (ASTM D2457)
Oxygen transmittion rate (OTR) (ASTM D3985)
Water vapor transmition rate (WVTR) (ASTM F1249)

The aforementioned test methods are only a sample of what we are able to offer. The laboratory develops new methods or alternative to the existing, when necessary. Please contact us for further inquiries.