Welcome to Pack-Lab Limited Partnership, established in 2019, where we provide a comprehensive suite of laboratory and consulting services tailored exclusively for the packaging industry.

Our state-of-the-art analytical laboratory has been carefully designed to perform a series of  precise technical and chemical analyses, with a specific emphasis on packaging materials. What sets us apart from other laboratories is the integration of these capabilities with extensive technical expertise gained over years of involvement in packaging industry. This synergy empowers our team of  experienced engineers to deliver unparalleled consultancy services of the highest quality to our esteemed customers.

At Pack-Lab, we extend our support to a diverse spectrum of stakeholders. With our services, we are able to serve the below industries:

  • Manufacturers of packaging materials including plastics, paper/paperboard and metalic materials
  • Users of flexible packaging (food, cosmetics, or non-food producers)
  • Importers and traders engaged in the distribution of packaging materials

Our foremost objective revolves around the delivery of superior quality services to our partners, fostering relationships built upon a foundation of trust. We are committed to adding value to both packaging and the products packed and strive to adapt to the fast-moving environment of the market.

Theodoros Paraskevopoulos is an experienced chemical engineer and holds a master of science degree in packaging technology. With over a decade of career spanning on the field, Theodoros identified a crucial need within the market. He aspired to gather all services for the packaging industry under a single organization, one that will offer personalized solutions for its partners.

In 2019 Theodoros’ aspiration materialized with the establishment of Pack-Lab. Since its inception, under Theodoros’ adept guidance, the company has been progressively expanding, in order to bridge this gap in the packaging industry.

Using his expertize on technical matters and long experience on consulting business, he assists numerous, both national and international partners, by offering solutions relevant to packaging development.

Pack-Lab Founder Theodoros Paraskevopoulos

We endeavor to safeguard consumer health, through reliable and impartial analysis of food packaging. We aim to create a network of complete transparency in packaging production supply chain and add value to the quality of the final product.

By employing cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing methodologies, we strive to set the highest quality standards for the packaging industry. Our vision is to empower manufacturers and packaging users with knowledge to enhance sustainability and comply with regulatory matters, aiming at increasing the overall consumer trust for the final packaged goods.

the packlab team


Pack-Lab follows a strict quality assurance policy in all its activities, in compliance with ISO 17025:2017 accreditation.


We guarantee stability of results and confidentiality regarding the information we process within our company.


We provide the best possible service to our company’s growing customer network by respecting in full each company’s requirements.


We support our clients throughout our partnership, by providing continuous guidance and communication with our experts.


Our team offers solutions and guidance for your packaging, based on subjective criteria and without any prejudice.

packlab founder in the laboratory

Discover our services

Chemical Analysis

Migration testing for packaging materials and consumer protection.

Technical Analysis

Prevention of time loss and non-conformities in packaging production.

Packaging Consulting

Simplification of design and development of flexible packaging.