We would be happy to assist in any questions regarding packaging.

I would like to change my packaging material with a more sustainable solution. How is this possible?

Going sustainable is a complicated matter and can be achieved by following several paths. It is always best to look into every case separately. For instance, when recyclable packaging is our target, there are more than one parameters that we need to consider before redesigning our package. These can be  location of distribution, available places for collecting and sorting and, in some cases, even retailers that may use our products.

I am about to start my own food company. Is “Pack-Lab” able to assist in designing the proper flexible packaging for my product?

Our experienced team fully takes over new projects, by providing support to the whole system (machinery, materials etc.). We design new packaging according to the customer’s expectations, apply the idea to the production and develop a raw materials testing procedure for the future deliveries, which ensures the smooth operation of the material in the production. Our target is the safety of the consumer and the optimized shelf life of the final product.

I would like to use the consulting service of “Pack-Lab” for training my personnel, resulting to their better understanding of the role of packaging in our production. Would this be possible?

Yes, packaging is our expertize. We are able to perform personalized training programs for flexible packaging, where we analyze technical characteristics and provide solutions for troubleshooting. In addition, we offer training on food safety matters, such as migration of substances to the food product.

The film used in my production limits the production speed of the machine to lower values. What could be the issue?

When it comes to technical matters on the production line, a series of analysis has to be performed on the packaging material and on-site visit from our experts is necessary. This would help us distinguish the parameter that is really causing the issue. Flexible packaging is a complicated system, because of the different raw materials used for its production. A simple, without further analysis, observation of the material running, would lead to false conclusions.

My market research ended up in a package that I really like. Could “Pack-Lab” perform further analysis of the package and provide guidance on how can I develop something similar for my product?

 Yes, packaging analysis is possible and can be performed by our laboratory. Combining the results with our experience on the field, we are able to develop something new for your product.

Is the laboratory able to develop new test methods according to the customer’s needs?

The laboratory is dynamic and constantly develops personalized test methods. In addition, using our worldwide partners’ network, we cover any analysis needed regarding packaging.