Optimization of packaging converting companies is a key element for their sucess in today’s competitive market.

If optimization is performed properly:

  • Decreases non-conformities
  • Reduces production costs
  • Enhances and stabilizes final product’s quality

We are happy to announce that Pack-Lab recently completed a rigorous consulting project on behalf of a flexible packaging converting company in the EU, which aimed to reduce non-conformities, minimize wasted materials during production and increase productivity.

Numbers achieved after 10 months of efforts are astonishing, given that this particular converter recently switched to recyclable materials (almost 75 % of the production is recyclable laminates). These materials are still a niche market and (for those who know better) their quality has not been 100 % stabilized by suppliers or converters yet.

With Pack-Lab’s assistance and with extensive work by all teams involved (production, R&D, supplies), we managed to

  • Increase productivity by 28 %
  • Decrease non-conformities number by 56 % and in monetary units by 43 %, compared to last year and
  • Decrease wasted materials by 4,5 % in internal procedures by providing a total saving of 180.000 euros

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