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$100 Billion Investment for Recycled Plastics Demand By 2030

Due to the on-growing demand for recycled plastics, along with the ever-changing legislations for recyclability and increasingly bold commitments of large brand names, the development of chemical recycling is bound to greatly increase in the next few years. However, for that to actually happen, future investments will have to be made across the whole plastics…

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Requiring Pack-Lab’s assistance? We are here for you 24/7.

Holiday season may be here but packaging production does not stop. Why should packaging services then? We are happy to introduce our online chat system, which is available 24/7 to our loyal customers.  Through our chat service you can: – Easily place your inquiry on packaging services – Quickly ask questions on packaging matters – Solve production issues And all the above available also in…

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Latest amendment of EC 10/2011 recently announced

European commision recently published the latest amendment (EC) 1442/2023 of legislation (EC) 10/2011 regarding plastic materials in contact with food. This new change to the legislation comes as a continuance of the previous amendment in 2020 and the most important changes included can be seen below: – Certain phthalates (DINP, DBP, BBP and DEHP), which were already included in…

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Our company changed from Pack-Lab to Pack-Lab Limited Partnership

We are happy to announce that, as of 3rd of July 2023, our company has changed its business legal form and is now a Limited Partnership company, i.e. Pack-Lab L.P.  We would like to thank all our partners, customers and stakeholders, as without their trust and commitment, we would not be able to achieve this change. Pack-Lab L.P. continues to provide high quality services exclusively…

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Technical analysis and waste reduction. How are these terms combined?

How many kilos of industrial waste does a flexible packaging converter produce when performing trials of new materials in the machines? How many meters of paper packaging is wasted in paper printing companies, every time a new material is purchased? How many trials does the food producer perform, before accepting the new, recyclable material purchased from each supplier? The answer to all questions…

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E.U. Member States are warned regarding recycling targets

European commision recently published a warning note to Member States, informing which of them is expected to comply with targets set by European Green Deal until 2025, regarding recyclability of municipal and packaging waste.  According to Green Deal and legislations 2008/98/EC and 94/62/EC , two targets are required to be met until 2025. 1) minimum 55 % for re-use and recycling of municipal waste…

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Upcoming regulation regarding packaging waste in E.U.

A new regulation is expected to be completed within 2023, which will replace the “older” directive EU / 62/1994 concerning packaging waste. Proposal of changes has been submitted to the European Commision at the end of 2022. The new regulation aims at the reduction of total packaging waste, promotes usage of recycled materials and further strengthens the use of reusable…

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